A boutique, studio based architecture practice based in Adelaide, Proske Architects focus on design that is efficient and pragmatic. We approach each project as a unique opportunity to seek a contextually responsive and bespoke solution, avoiding trends. Our work can be characterised as modern, yet timeless, elegant yet comfortable. With over 18 years in the industry, our director Rolf Proske has established a collaborative design studio that brings together a diverse team of highly talented individuals that foster a young, dynamic and design-focused studio culture.


For 50 years, the Buildtec Group has been actively shaping South Australia through an impressive portfolio of property development and construction projects spanning the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

From multi-storey mixed-used residential developments, to the construction of state-of-the-art industrial warehouses, and prominent shopping centre redevelopments, Buildtec has successfully delivered major design and construction projects in Adelaide to the value of more than $500 million for private sector, not-for-profit, and government clients.


Outerspace is a multidisciplinary team of landscape and environmental architects with skills in planning, facilitation and project management. Our vision is to create unique design solutions through collaboration. This can only be achieved by ensuring we respond to the needs of our clients, the community and the environment. Our approach is fresh, vibrant and guaranteed to excite the users of the spaces we create. We take the time  to research best practise and technology to ensure designs are innovative and where possible bespoke. We regularly work with local artisans, suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that our designs are not only exciting and site specific but are easily translated into reality.


The expertise Taarnby Projects provides is particularly crucial in the planning stages. Asking the market is the first step shrewd developers take before embarking on a successful project. This market intelligence provides direction through the best use for a site, product mix, product design, strategic pricing, project branding / marketing as well as the sales strategy of a project. Getting theses steps correct is crucial to delivering the required amount of presales to get a project off the drawing board and into reality. Taarnby projects functions under the developer or project brand to ensure a project first focus. We understand that potential purchasers aren’t buying from us, rather buying into the projects vision which we are the custodians of. Essentially to the wider market we appear like an in house sales team without the associated issues. Providing continuity through a project’s cycle, making sure we are there at the project inception and the last to leave when the ink dries on the final settlement.

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